Science Cafes

The ACS Akron Section has sponsored several Science Cafés. The goal of the Science Cafés are to promote science awareness within the community by having scientists give short lectures and/or lead discussions for general audiences. Topics have included:

Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
Dr. Ali Dhinojwala, The University of Akron

What took so long? The unpredictable story of a new chemical technology.
Dr. Vittorio Montanari, Research Organics, Inc.

Sensing and Energy Harvesting Capabilities of a New Magnetorheological Smart Material
Dr. Robet Sinko, Miami University (Ohio)

Antimicrobial And Antitumor Properties Of Silver (I) Carbene Complexes Encapsulated In Nanoparticles
Dr. Wiley Youngs, The University of Akron

How "Green" Polymer Chemistry is Combating Breast Cancer
Dr. Judit Puskas, The University of Akron

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