Crano Memorial Lecture

The Crano Memorial Lecture Series honors Dr. John Crano, a chemist at PPG who had been instrumental in developing the photochromic materials for PPG's polycarbonate eyeglass lenses. Such materials became the basis of Transitions® eyeglasses. Dr. Crano was a previous Chair of the Akron Section and an active member for many years. PPG Industries, Transitions, Inc. and individual donors have generously donated money so that the Akron Section has an endowment for future lectures.

Lecturers have typically given an afternoon research lecture at The University of Akron as well as an evening talk for general audiences.

Crano Lecturers

2017 - Dr. Kenneth S. Suslick, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2016 - Dr. Ivan J. Dmochowski, University of Pennsylvania
2015 - Dr. Todd Krauss, University of Rochester
2014 - Dr. Sunil Saxena, University of Pittsburgh
2013 - Dr. Mahdi Abu-Omar, Purdue University
2012 - Dr. Melanie S. Sanford, University of Michigan
2011 - Dr. Anne McCoy, The Ohio State University
2010 - Dr. Bartosz A. Grzybowski, Northwestern University
2009 - Dr. Matthew Platz, The Ohio State University
2008 - Dr. Tobin Marks, Northwestern University
2007 - Dr. Robert Bergman, University of California, Berkeley
2006 - Dr. Thomas Rauchfuss, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2005 - Dr. Paul Schleyer, The University of Georgia
2004 - Dr. Kendall Houk, UCLA
2003 - Dr. Peter Wipf, University of Pittsburgh
2002 - Dr. Douglas Neckers, Bowling Green State University
2001 - Dr. Nicholas Torro, Columbia University
2000 - Dr. Anthony Trozzolo, Notre Dame University
1999 - Dr. Robert Grubbs, California Institute of Technology

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