Akron Section Award

The purpose of the Akron Section Award is to provide the Akron Section of ACS the opportunity to recognize young scientists who show great promise in their professional careers and to promote their interaction with the Akron Section members.

The Award is normally presented at our general meeting in November each year.   The Akron Section Award consists of a $1,000 honorarium and an engraved plaque.  The Awardee will be asked to deliver two lectures (one technical lecture at a local university and one for a more general audience) and to visit with scientists in the Akron community.

Rules of Eligibility:  A nominee for the Akron Section Award should be a scientist or engineer working in any branch of chemistry who is not beyond his/her 45th birthday and who demonstrates exceptional promise for making significant contributions to chemical science.  The nominee must reside within a 500 mile radius of Akron, Ohio at the time the Award is conferred.

Procedure for 2017 Nominations:  The selection of the Awardee will be based on the recommendation of peers familiar with the work of the scientist and based on published research and patents.  There is no specified format for the letter nomination.  At least one seconding letter should support the nomination.  The nominators are requested to include a synopsis of the accomplishments of the candidate and to define and document the importance of the nominee’s contributions.

Re-nominations are encouraged.

Nominations should be sent electronically to:

Dr. Michael Davis

Nominations must be received by August 18, 2017. 

Previous honorees:

2018-Dr. William Dichtel, Northwestern University
2017-Dr. Christopher Jaroniec, The Ohio State University
2016 - Dr. Paul Hergenrother, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2015 - Dr. Adam Matzger, University of Michigan
2014 - Dr. Dmitri Talapin, University of Chicago
2013 - Dr. Stephen Craig of Duke University
2012 - Dr. Frieder Jaekle of Rutgers University
2011 - Dr. Teri Odom, Northwestern University
2010 - Dr. Chuan He, University of Chicago
2009 - Dr. Dehua Pei, The Ohio State University
2008 - Dr. Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, The Pennsylvania State University
2007 - Dr. David E. Clemmer, Indiana University Bloomington
2006 - Dr. Kay M. Brummond, University of Pittsburgh
2005 - Dr. Igal Szleifer, Purdue University
2004 - Dr. James A. Cowan, The Ohio State University
2003 - Dr. Frank V. Bright, University of Buffalo, SUNY
2002 - Dr. Richard McCullough, Carnegie Mellon University
2001 - Dr. Geoffrey Coates, Cornell University
2000 - Dr. James Penner-Hahn, University of Michigan
1998 - Dr. Peter Wipf, University of Pittsburgh
1997 - Dr. George Christou, Indiana University Bloomington
1996 - Dr. William R. Roush, Indiana University Bloomington
1995 - Dr. Vincent L. Pecoraro, University of Michigan
1994 - Dr. Stephen Z.D. Cheng, The University of Akron
1993 - Dr. John G. Dorsey, University of Cincinnati
1992 - Dr. George L. McLendon, University of Rochester
1991 - Dr. Richard T. Oakley, University of Guelph
1990 - Dr. Barbara J. Garrison, The Pennsylvania State University
1989 - Dr. Alan P. Kozikowski, University of Pittsburgh
1988 - Dr. Alan G. Marshall, The Ohio State University
1987 - Dr. Jon Clardy, Cornell University
1986 - Dr. Nicholas Winograd, The Pennsylvania State University
1985 - Dr. Ben S. Freiser, Purdue University
1984 - Dr. Richard A. Walton, Purdue University
1983 - Dr. Kendall N. Houk, University of Pittsburgh
1982 - Dr. Paul A. Grieco, Indiana University Bloomington
1981 - Dr. Malcolm H. Chisholm, Indiana University Bloomington
1980 - Dr. Philip Magnus, Indiana University Bloomington
1979 - Dr. Francis J. Castillino, University of Notre Dame
1978 - Dr. John S. Swenton, The Ohio State University

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