Project SEED Summer 2016

(posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2016)

The Akron Section Project SEED hosted eight high school students who received stipends to engage in 10 weeks of original research at the University of Akron.  A photo from a field trip is shown below.  Funding for the stipends was provided by the Omnova Foundation and the ACS National Project SEED Program.  The mentored research opportunities were provided by faculty in the departments of Chemistry, Polymer Science, and Polymer Engineering at the Univeristy of Akron.  Project SEED is a wonderful program that enables diverse high school students to experience the working of science first hand and and helps them to see a path toward a career in the science or engineering profession.
2016 Project SEED 2
The project titles and mentors are listed below:
Strong “Ideal” Elastomer, Mentor:  Dr. Li Jia
Thermoresponsive Polyesters, Mentor:  Dr. Abraham Joy
Adhesion of Non-Pathogenic Mycobacterium Smedgmatis to Charged Surfaces - Implications for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnostics, Mentor:  Dr. Ali Dhinojwala
Selective Oxygen Membrane for Lithium - Air Battery, Mentor:  Dr. Steven S.C. Chuang
The Synthesis of New BF2 Fluorophores, Mentor:  Dr. Chris Ziegler
Shape Memory Foams, Mentor:  Dr. Kevin Cavicchi
Synthesis of Self-Assembled Constructs for Articial Photosynthesis,   Mentor: Dr. David A. Modarelli
Mass Spectrometry: Basic Principles and Applications in Biology and Polymer Science, Mentor:  Dr. Chrys Wesdimiotis

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