ChemLuminary Finalist for "Kids and Chemistry"

(posted on Monday, July 15, 2019)

Akron Section’s “Teaching Polymer Chemistry to Early Grades with the PlastiVan®” Is a Kids and Chemistry ChemLuminary Finalist


            Akron ACS and SPE Akron Section developed a new science program, “Teaching Polymer Chemistry with the PlastiVan®” for 3rd and 4th grades. We presented it with teachers at Nolley Elementary in Manchester and at iPromise School in Akron. Students and teachers liked it. Classroom presentations are now available through University of Akron’s Global Polymer Academy (Mr. John Fellenstein) and Summit Educational Service Center (Dr. Missi Zender-Sakach), and Akron ACS presents it to outreach groups in the community. ACS Committee on Education picked the program as a finalist for the ACS “Kids and Chemistry” Award, and we’re presenting a poster at the ChemLuminary Gala at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego on August 27.

       We thank the ACS Local Section Activities Committee for an Innovative Project Grant, and SPE Foundation, SPE Akron Section and OMNOVA Solutions Foundation for additional support. Section members Mike Dowell, Carol (Shreiner) Kercher, and Regan Silvestri developed “Teaching Polymer Chemistry to Early Grades with the PlastiVan®”. Here are kid’s takes on it.



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