Volunteers Needed for 2019 Science Olympiad

(posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019)

The Akron Regional Science Olympiad tournament is Saturday March 9, 2019 at the University of Akron.

Science Olympiad is a national science competition for middle school and high school students. On Saturday, March 9, over 600 students from 6 surrounding counties will come to the University of Akron to compete in 46 contests of science, technology, engineering and math skills. The University is seeking volunteers for the day to help with supervising events, grading tests, evaluating or timing at constructed device events, score keeping and logistics. 

We have volunteer positions for 2, 3 and 6-7 hour activities, doing timing, test grading, device inspection and logistics.  We hope to provide lunch for each volunteer. We will provide personalized signed volunteer-hour certificates.

For information, please check this link

We would be delighted to have your help this year!

If you want to help, please register for an account (only takes a minute) and select a volunteer position from the list of events.

Or send an email to with your contact information.

A summary list of events can be found here:

Please register as soon as possible, and before March 2.

Thank you!  We will contact you in a bit to confirm your choices.

We welcome questions. Please email them to us.

Thank you!

John Fellenstein,,

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