2015 Science Fairs - Judges Needed

Local high schools and middle schools are preparing for the 2014 Science Fairs and you are invited to participate as volunteer judges.  Science Fairs will be held on January 24, March 7, March 14, and March 21 - if you are interested in judging, please see the article for more information.

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February General Meeting

Our February general meeting will be held on Wed. Feb 18, 2015 at Papa Joe's Restaurant. Dr. Hendrik Heinz of The University of Akron will speak on "Mechanisms of Molecular Recognition and Assembly at the Nanoscale: Computation Meets Experimentation."

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Election Results

The new officers for 2015 are:
Chair-Elect: Charles Kausch              Councilor: Jim Duddey
Secretary: Ilana Aldor                       Alt. Councilor: Harlan Wilk
Treasurer: Walter Salamant

Officers whose terms continue into 2015 are: Chair -Michael Davis; Councilor - Daryl Stein; and Alternate Councilor - Anoop Krishen.

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